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Welcome to our newest client!

We've been working hard to bring you Blackcapital.net. We hope that it will put you, our newest potential client, in touch with us, your future financial advisor.

We realize that the world of finance and investments can be a scary place. Not only does investing become more complex as time goes on, but it's also never easy to risk your hard-earned money in capital markets that you don't fully understand. An even scarier prospect is turning 60 and realizing your retirment savings is non-existant, and your vision of the golden years becomes a tarnished reality.

At Black Capital, we try to avoid both of these problems by informing our clients, and making them educateded investors. No advisor can promise returns, and neither can we. We do, however, promise to make every effort to carefully plan for you and your money's future and explain each risk you take with your money.

"I started Black Capital to help my friends and family with their investments and retirement planning. That same amount of care and attention carries over to all of our clients. No one can predict the market, but we try to provide an unmatched level of understanding and support between client and advisor, as well as match every client's investments with his or her unique goals and objectives."

-Jeff Black