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Financial Plans - Every client is different and a financial future requires more thought than which assets to buy. A full service financial plan from Black Capital involves exploring clients' broad goals, like retirement or buying a home, as well as minute details, like how to pay down credit card debt or where to cut spending. With a little thought and time, you can walk in with nothing and come out with a clear path to your financial goals.

Review of Financial Plans - When life throws you a curveball, your plans often change. Your financial plan has to adapt to new priorities in your life. Because of this, Black Capital will build you a new financial plan at half priceif you already have a financial plan with us.

Portfolio Management - While a financial plan is the blue print to your goals, asset management is one of the biggest tools in your workshop. Proper investment in capital markets is one of the most efficient ways to grow your assets from what you have today into what you need to meet your goals in the future. Please visit out "Philosophy" page for a more detailed explanation of our investment strategy.

Fee Schedule:

Clients with assets under management:
    • Financial Plan - $200
    • Review of Financial Plan - $100
    • 1.0% APR of assets under management (0.25% quarterly)
    • Any broker-incurred transaction fees

Clients without assets under management:
    • Financial Plan - $400
    • Review of Financial Plan - $200
    • $100 per hour
Black Capital offers clients options with respect to billing. Clients with assets under management will be billed 0.25 percent of their assets under management quarterly (on the 1st of January, April, July, and October). Upon coming under management, the client will have the option of having the fees deducted from their assets or being billed directly. Clients without assets under management (receiving only advice) will be billed $100 per hour for services rendered. These clients will be billed monthly or at the completion of the contracted project (the earlier of the two).

Neither Black Capital nor its advisors accept commissions for any products sold to Black Capital clients. This reduces chances for conflicts of interest within the client-advisor relationship. Clients seeking typically commission-based products (such as life insurance, mutual funds, etc.) should feel free to seek these products elsewhere. Black Capital advisors may receive compensation for referring clients to the properly licensed firms or individuals.